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Sweet talk your mechanic

Do you know a local business who might like to display a window sign? Throw a few of our window clings in your bag to keep them on hand. Next time you're at the gym, salon or grocer, ask them to put one up. Then snap a pic when they display their sign and send it to us. We'll display it on our participating businesses page and draw more customers their way.

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Welcome more customers

Join fellow stores and restaurants on your street in welcoming everyone to your businesses. It's a win/win: help make San Carlos a welcoming place and draw more customers too!

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Make a statement

Display our yard sign and make your home a welcoming one. Better yet - grab 5 signs and your cutest kid and go knock on your neighbors' doors to ask them if you can put one up in their yard too. Imagine how neighborly your street would be with a long row of welcoming signs!